Saturday, January 24, 2009

A long overdue update!

Just in case you've been wondering...  What is up with the Christian's blog?!  They haven't posted anything in forever!  Our camera has bit the dust and we are waiting on a repair that should be completed within the next 2-3 weeks.  Ashish miraculously discovered that there was a glitch with the camera that Canon will actually repair for free!  So we called and found out that sure enough, there is an issue with the sensor that is widespread so they have recalled the camera and will take care of the repairs and shipping costs.  Nice work Ashish!  Now if we could just get our camera back...  Priya is doing some pretty cute things these days and I'm sad that we are missing out on the opportunity to record them. the meantime, here are a few of Priya's latest accomplishments:
  1. She can count to two!  Yes, two!  We are very proud! :)  Her version of one sounds more like "why" but it sure is cute to hear her trying to count!  "Why, two..."
  2. She has successfully been weaned from her bottle and is now a fully functioning sippy cup girl.
  3. She has learned several other new words - please, Priya (yep, she loves saying her own name over and over), ball, go (she uses this word whenever she wants us to pick her up or take her somewhere), yummy.
  4. She has learned to associate some animals with the sounds that they make.  If you say, "What sound does a duck make?" she'll say "Kak, kak, kak, kak".  If you ask about a dog she'll say "whoo, whoo".  And if you ask her what a cat says she'll say "meow".  Her animal loving mother is very happy! :)
  5. She has also been discovering the wonders of asserting herself and making her opinions about things very well known.  My latest project has been to learn how to deal with the joys of temper tantrums.  This has no doubt been a JOY! :)
Ashish has been faithfully plugging away on his nursing classes.  He is now 3 weeks into his 1st semester of the LVN program.  It has been quite challenging but I am so proud of him.  His determination and the hard work that he is putting into this is inspirational to me.  He tries hard to stay as positive as possible and is doing well at managing the precious time that he has to balance his studies, work and of course his family. Keep up the good work Ashish!

Sunday, January 4, 2009