Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pure Cuteness!

Priya is doing so many cute things these days! And I haven't been as good about capturing them on video lately. So tonight I decided to try and capture some of the cuteness again. :)

She has mastered doing sommersaults now. I wish I had gotten videos during the weeks that she was trying so hard but couldn't quite get it. It was hilarious! ;) The first video caught a perfect sommersault at the end. She was also pretending to have her special monkey "Drewey" color on our door! She did this recently and thought it would be fun to role play the scenario. Silly girl! The 2nd video is of her singing one of her favorite songs - The ABC's. Such cuteness! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


We had an earthquake here today at about 4:30pm! It took a while to realize what was going on as I've never felt an actual earthquake before. I heard what sounded like a garbage truck moving dumpsters outside our apartment (but no garbage truck) but was surprised by the swaying and rattling that we felt/heard inside as well. Priya and I were over in the space next to her room in our apartment when it happened. We felt the swaying for about 5 seconds and then it seemed to stop and start up again for another 5 seconds or so. It scared Priya and the result was a pretty clingy and fussy girl for the rest of the day! Ashish was visiting his parents in their place here on campus and they felt it strongly as well. It brought back a moment of fear as they recalled a horrific earthquake that they had experienced a number of years back in India.

Apparently today's quake was a 6.5 and originated on the coast of Northern California near Eureka. Crazy! It's just not something we're used to experiencing here.

Here's a link with more info: http://www.redding.com/news/2010/jan/09/earthquake-felt-redding/