Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Sorts of Fun!

We had quite the fun-filled Halloween this year! We started out by visiting a nearby farm/pumpkin patch and got to enjoy seeing Priya experience all sorts of firsts! Some good friends, the Petersons, joined us for the morning.Ashish's dad had goats as a boy so he especially enjoyed the petting zoo! :)
Priya was a little reluctant at first but ended up making all sorts of new animal friends.

They had a small kids play area (it was free too!) so Priya, of course, had a blast! This was her first attempt ever at riding a bike (well, tricycle)!

Then we took a train ride around the farm. Priya loved the bumps and rattles of the car!
Priya's first lollipop!

What a face!!! This is one of my new favorite pictures!
Priya's very good friend, Beth.
Ah, family photo time. What do you think? Should this be our Christmas card photo? ;)

Then in the evening, Priya and I took Ashish's parents to a Harvest Carnival put on by one of the churches in town.

After a long day, Priya took a little breather in the bouncy castle. :)