Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Our camera has been missing for the past couple of weeks so I haven't had much to post lately. I finally found it and went a little crazy on the pics and videos today... :) Enjoy!

Priya loves to get out of our little apartment and explore the dorm. She has tons of free space to roam about and play. She has recently become a big fan of stair climbing. She makes a beeline for the stairwell and loves to climb up to the 3rd floor without any help from Mommy or Daddy. She is also THRILLED whenever the students walk by and consistently greets them with an enthusiastic "HI!".

Below Priya shows off her budding conversational, dancing and, yes, her kissing skills!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stirring Mom's Group Harvest Party

Today I finally did something that I've been excited about for some time now - I attended my first Stirring Mom's group event! I've been wanting to join a mom's group since Priya was born and heard about this particular group when Ashish and I started attending a church called The Stirring over summer ( I've had all sorts of reasons in the past why I haven't been able to attend - work, Priya's naps, Priya being sick, more work... But I decided to do everything in my power today and take the little munchkin with me and finally join this group. It was great and Priya and I both had a really nice time.

They had a Harvest Party this morning so all of the kids were dressed up in cute Halloween costumes. Priya had a wonderful time cruising around in her little flower costume and thoroughly enjoyed all of the people. Our little social butterfly just gets more and more social every day it seems! Everywhere we go she perks up whenever she sees a person and enthusiastically calls out a cheery "HI!" to anyone who will listen.

Thanks to Rosetta for the pics!! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Priya's 1st Golf Cart Ride

Ashish recently made some big changes in his life. In August he went back to school to pursue a nursing career. He loves being back in school and is learning so much! He is currently working on some prerequisites and is also taking an ESL writing class to improve his grammar and writing skills. I've seen a big change already and am so proud of him for all of the hard work that he is putting into this.

Ashish has also shifted his job status and has taken a job at Simpson as a Campus Safety Officer. It's been wonderful for both of us to work at the same place and now neither of us have to commute to work! Definitely something to be thankful for as gas prices just seem to get higher and higher... The hours have been perfect and have helped to make taking care of Priya and working much more manageable for both of us!

Above Ashish takes Priya for a little spin on the Campus Safety Cart. She loved it! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

More Walking

Priya continues to improve her walking skills on a daily basis. She has also become quite the stair climber - climbing 2 flights of stairs without a 2nd thought. We just stand very close behind her so that if she decides to turn around she doesn't go tumbling down. She hasn't figured out how to go back down the stairs yet. Below is a video of her progression in walking. She was heading towards the stairs in the dorm, but the hallway became too dark for good filming. So we'll have to wait on those stairs videos for another time...

Priya is learning new things on a daily basis it seems! Her favorite word these days is BABY. She also responds when you say DANCE by shaking side to side and doing her own little baby dance. If you ask her where her nose is (or anyone else's for that matter) she points to it. And last but not least, Priya has mastered the HIGH FIVE. If you put your hand up she'll give you an enthusiastic High Five. Adorable? Yes, we think so! :)