Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Little Toothless Wonder

Well...maybe not toothless but Priya does have less of a tooth. She took an unfortunate spill on Thursday and landed face-first on a rock! After making it through a lot of blood and a lot of tears (and screaming that absolutely broke my heart), I discovered that part of one of Priya's top middle teeth had broken off! She had a new gap between her front teeth that hadn't been there before! It's easier to see if you click on the picture below and view it in all of it's glory.

I'm happy to report that Priya bounced back very quickly! She had cut her lip and had some pretty bad swelling, but by the next morning it had already gone down significantly and by that evening seemed as though it had never even happened! Kids amaze me!!

This process helped me to learn a whole lot about kids and chipped teeth! Did you know that if you break a tooth (and can find the piece), you should put it in milk until you can get to the dentist? This will help to keep the tooth healthy enough if the dentist wants to re-attach it! Fascinating! And no, we didn't find the piece of Priya's missing tooth, so it's not sitting in our fridge taking a milk bath. My guess is that she swallowed it! Yikes!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Big News!

We are happy to announce that Ashish's parents were granted their US Immigration Visas today! This has been a very long process with a number of bumps along the road, but we are very thankful for this huge answer to prayer! Thank you God!!!

The plan at this point is for them to move here sometime around the end of October/early November. We'd really appreciate your prayers for them as they wrap up details of their life in India and prepare for a huge adjustment to a new life here in the US. We will be looking into finding a place for them to live and also trying to find work for them as well.

Thanks for your prayers! We'll be sure to update as we know more! :)

And...also today...a second piece of good news, Ashish's sister Ami was granted her Residency Visa in Argentina! She has been waiting and praying for this for 2 years and it has finally happened! This will give her the freedom to travel to and from the country at will and participate in more of the ministry opportunities with YWAM that she has previously been unable to be a part of. This will also open the door for her to visit Canada! She won't be able to come to the US at this point, but we plan to drive up to Canada in early 2010 to meet her. Priya will finally get to meet her auntie!

We have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for today! :)

Fun with the Peterson Girls

We enjoyed spending the afternoon/evening with the Peterson girls - Anna, Rachel & Beth. We had so much fun with them and are looking forward to hanging out with them again soon! :)

Align Center

Feeding the Ducks

Yesterday afternoon Priya and I enjoyed a walk around Simpson's campus. We have quite a number of geese and ducks wandering around the campus so we decided to bring some bread with us and feed them down by the pond. Priya loved it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother/Daughter Fashion Show

Priya and I participated in a Mother/Daughter Fashion Show at the Outlet Mall in Anderson today. We had so much fun!! It was put on by Dress Barn and Gymboree and both stores supplied the outfits that we wore today. We went in on Wednesday for fittings and to put outfits together (that was fun too!!) and then arrived around 11:30 this morning to do the fashion show.

Below Priya is dressed in her first Gymbo outfit. She wore Lady Lovebug and looked adorable in it! This was by far my favorite outfit on her! It was hard to resist buying it in the end!

Priya immediately made friends with some of the other girls in the fashion show. They actually helped quite a bit to keep her entertained in the in-between times!

Then Priya put on a beautiful dress from Ice Cream Social. She looked like a little neopolitan ice cream cone! :)

Below is our friend Pearcia LaPointe who invited us to participate in the event. She is a member of the mom's group that we attend and a Gymboree employee. Thanks Pearcia! We had such a great time today!