Thursday, September 16, 2010

Priya's 3rd Birthday - Part 1

On Sunday, September 19 Priya will officially be 3 years old! Are we seriously at 3 years ALREADY? I can't believe how quickly our little Priya is growing up!

We are doing 2 small birthday parties for her this year so that my parents could celebrate with her before returning to Canada (party #1 is with family and party #2 will be with Priya's buddies). So tonight was round 1 of the birthday fun. We celebrated at Mom and Dad Penner's home with pizza, cake and a few presents. Priya was elated and loved every minute of it (well, except for the waiting part before she got to the cake and her presents... Hmmm - how do you teach patience to a 3 year old?)!
Priya didn't eat much of her cupcake. She primarily focused on the frosting and left the cake part alone.

Below Priya is saying thank you to Uncle Phil for a beautiful purse that he got for her. By the way, his fiance Ami (Ashish's sister) is very close to having her interview to immigrate here from Argentina! They are planning for an October 2o wedding!
Priya loved the doctor kit, bubbles, stickers and picture that Auntie Em, Uncle Joel, Ella & Jake sent to her. Thank you! :)
Saying thank you to Grammy and Papa Penner for the denim jackets and the really fun baby doll.
Having some fun with her new toys after she had finished opening them...


Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Priya!!!

tanya said...

Priya, Happy Birthday! Looks like you had lots of fun getting all your presents and eating the yummy icing off your cupcake! So cute how she fits right into that gift bag. Still so little yet growing up fast. where does the time go! (sigh!) Dylan just turned 8 yesterday,.... my baby is 8!

Kyle Johnstone said...

comment.... oh.. Jess you want more.. i am just glad to see that Priya doesn't have aunt Judy's toes! She has gorgeous feet... that must be a Christian trait!!! :O)

Kyle Johnstone said...

comment...oh... you want something else Jess...
Ok well nice to see that priya doesn't have Aunt Judy's toes! She has gorgeous feet... that must be a Christian trait!! :o)

Greg and Tanya said...

Happy birthday!!!
can't believe your little munchkin is already 3!!!

JLP said...

Happy birthday!!