Monday, September 6, 2010

Who knew shaving cream could be so much fun?

My SIL Jenetta has been giving me some great ideas for creative activities to do with Priya. Since I've been unable to work I've been trying to make the most of my extra time with Priya by doing various types of activities with her. Most of them involve sitting down so that I can keep my feet up (ie. crafts, painting, etc). But today we visited my parents' house and Grandpa helped us to assemble this bizarre creation to give Priya some physical activity and fun at the same time. We cut-up a garbage bag, used some golf tees to "attempt" to hold the bag down and a bottle of shaving cream. The result was a ton of fun for Priya and a lot of giggling. And no worries, Priya didn't get any of that mess in her mouth. :)


Jen@FrugalFreebiesandDeals said...

funny how something you would find so gross as an adult is so awesome to kids- lol.

Emily said...

thoroughly enjoyed catching up on the blog and seeing all the videos... just wish these girls could play together more. :(